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Arab Access has been providing, since 1990, a certified professional Arabic English NAATI translation service and cross-cultural consultancy and training services, based in Perth, Western Australia.

If you require a professional translation from English into Arabic, or Arabic into English, we can provide you with NAATI certified translations in both English and Arabic target languages. Certified translations are only performed by NAATI accredited translators (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters).

The Middle Eastern market can be quite fickle and the entry costs can be prohibitive – particularly for small business with limited budgets. An Arabic web site can be a very cost effective strategy to present your products and services directly to Arab consumers. An Arabic web site allows Arab consumers to search for and read about your products and services in their own language. We can translate your web site into Arabic.

Our mission is to provide premium quality translation services to our clients, helping them to anticipate and benefit from the opportunities that arise from the convergence of Australian and Middle Eastern markets.

At Arab Access Translation Services, we strongly believe in forming partnerships that create value for both our customers and ourselves. We are closely tuned to the business of our clients and never stop asking ourselves how we can improve our service. We are positioning ourselves to be a leading service provider to Australian businesses and entities that function in a multicultural environment. We want to provide the most efficient service possible. We will handle your project with complete confidentiality.

We are dedicated to providing cost effective, reliable, accurate, and culturally sensitive language translation support that integrates with our customer’s workflow and better enables them perform in a global environment.

Top-quality professional translation of business, financial, legal and technical documents. The priority is to satisfy your requirements. All translations are thoroughly checked to ensure that they are accurate from a linguistic, technical and cultural viewpoint and that they correspond with client’s guidelines. All translation work will be performed in an efficient manner to ensure that deadlines are always met.

Our translation service will help you to reach new audiences by communicating your message across language and cultural boundaries.

We translate everything, from brochures and websites, to contracts and instruction manuals. Our translation services are utilised by government agencies, not-for-profit organisations, businesses and individuals across Australia and worldwide. We are committed to offering you a professional yet personal service that meets your individual and business needs.

At Arab Access, we pride ourselves on the quality of our translation service. To the customer, that means fast turnaround, competitive rates and most importantly, accuracy. Our translations read as well, if not better than the original source document, ensuring that your message is delivered to your target audience as you intended.

We aim to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for all of your language requirements, including translation, proofreading, typesetting and printing. All translation services are conducted by a professional team of experienced translators and designers.


The company business was founded in 1990.  As the first private Arabic language service provider in WA we have over 40 years experience in the delivery of language services, including translations, typesetting and media.

Our clients include Local, State & Federal Governments, Immigration Departments, all of the major Workers’ Compensation and Third Party Insurers, Self-Insurers, Private Industry and the Legal Profession.

Our NAATI accredited translators specialise in many fields which encompass all the needs of our Ethnic Community, these include personal and domestic matters, business dealings both for local and overseas, legal matters, Tribunals, Hearings, Arbitration & Mediation, Court appearances for Family Law, Civil and Criminal litigation, Workers Compensation, Investigations, Rehabilitation Providers and Personal Injury. 

In 1991 we were appointed as a service provider by the then Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs ’”Translation and Interpreting Service” (TIS).

The approach

In order to ensure the quality of our translation service, each customer is assigned to a dedicated Account Manager. The Account Manager is responsible for fulfilling the requirements of the client by assigning the most appropriate translator(s) for each project, liaising between translators and customer throughout the project, to ensure that each translation runs smoothly and within the agreed timeline.

The translators

All our translators are highly qualified, with extensive experience in their chosen fields, including legal, technical and scientific.

Desktop Publishing

In the world of information content is king, but a king without a wardrobe doesn’t look very royal.

At Arab Access we know that your business needs to look professional – and nothing can be more frustrating than doing the rounds from one printer to another, only to be told that they can’t typeset Arabic script. Even worse is having an amateurish job that embarrasses you every time you pull out your business card overseas.

As part of our language services, we take your information from creation to your desk: we design, translate and typeset your documentation and business stationary aimed at your Middle Eastern clients and colleagues.

We can deliver the work as finished paper product or in digital format acceptable to your printer of choice.


Quality Management

We are committed to delivering Arabic <=> English translations of a quality that leaves nothing to be desired. For this purpose we use the latest reference materials and translation tools, both electronic and traditional, and continuously keep up to date with linguistic developments.

We work with computer-assisted translation (CAT) software for terminology management to ensure consistency of terminology within and across documents. CAT software generates databases of source and target terminology used within projects and allows prompt retrieval of previously used terminology. Glossaries generated by the translator or provided by the client in various formats can easily be implemented. Extensive quality management features ensure that output is consistently of the highest quality.

We also offer a desktop publishing service and therefore can deliver material that looks exactly the way you want it to. There is no need to transfer material from the translator to the desktop publisher, resulting in time savings for you and eliminating a major source of errors. We will translate your materials, typeset them (including artwork) and proofread the final copy ready for printing. Most popular DTP applications are supported.

If you have any questions regarding our service, you are welcome to send us an email (aaccess@iinet.net.au) or call us on 0435 566 166 or 0417 110 562.  Alternatively, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).





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