Cross-Cultural Consultancy and Training

Unveiling Arab Culture, Customs and Business Conduct

Are you about to work with the Arabs, or already working with them, at home or in the Middle East, and need to understand their ways of thinking and working?

Whether your relationship with the Arabs is commercial, cultural, educational, or political, better understanding leads to better results. Our “Understanding the Arabs” onsite workshop will give you deeper insight into the Arab mind, culture, religion and currents of thinking. Covering all aspects of this unique culture, “Understanding the Arabs” unveils the mysteries of Arab history, language, value system, as well as the thinking of the new generation.

The workshop is presented by Arab natives from a number of Arab countries who hold at least a Masters degree and have published and taught about Arab culture for more than fifteen years.

Doing business in the Middle East? Intercultural training can be the key to your success…

Business success starts with successful communication. Our outstanding cross cultural training course for the Middle East is aimed at giving you just this – the knowledge, know-how and confidence to communicate effectively.

We have first-hand experience of working with major multinationals and global players, ensuring they maximize their potential when working in or with the Middle East.

Multilingual and cross-cultural communications are vital in today’s business climate. Given the wealth of product interest and financial assistance available from many Middle Eastern countries, it is essential that contemporary businessmen and women know how to successfully communicate with their foreign counterparts. Taking into account the drastic cultural differences between nations today, it is also extremely important that you grasp the proper and courteous foreign mannerisms, before causing your business injury through culturally inappropriate blunders that could have been easily avoided.

We offer workshops at your convenience, to assist you and your staff with the following:

All our cross cultural awareness courses are designed and run by top-flight professionals with experience of living and working in the Middle East.

We cater to your every need, taking a 100% bespoke approach to all our intercultural awareness training. The results you want are the results we give you.

The Cross Cultural training program enables you to deliver a training workshop to equip participants with cross cultural skills, including charting the level of cross cultural awareness of participants, and providing group activities and case studies that enhance cross cultural understanding.

The Cross Cultural training program includes:

Examples of the many topics our experts cover include:

» Setting the scene

» The Middle East

» Islam

» Doing Business in the Middle East

» Relocating to the Middle East

Succeed…Simply stated, our cross cultural awareness training will break down barriers, enhance communication, build strong relationships and ensure success.





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